Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Vehicle DAY-3022 can be used for crack repair.

A unique solution to small paving projects and patching jobs requiring 4 to 9 TPH and pat hole works.

Technical Parameters



Overall Size
( L*W*H) MM



5 T/H

Total Power

35 KW

Generator output power

20 KW

Hopper Capacity

0.15 m³

Maximum capacity of batch heater

0.3 m³

Max lifting weight of hoist

0.3 T

Working Voltage

Three-phase 380V,50hz

Max operating temperature of heat transfer oil

Performance Feature

1. Dryer and mixer are separated to prevent asphalt from burning. 


2. The dust is removed by induced draft fan when drying, makes the mixture smooth appearance. 


3. All the systems are electric driven by Cummins generator Unit. It is easy for the repairing. 


4. Use automatic Italy Riello efficiency burner with heating transfer oi system. 


5. Batch heater with no wastage

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